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This is Steve Down and today I’m in Salt Lake City at The Falls Event Center home office. Today’s Wealth Wakeup Call is: The three things that will take you over the top.

This year we added a new operations director to our team at The Falls Event Center. Sam is young, energetic, dynamic and enthusiastic. Sam has the responsibility over all event centers that will grow to one-hundred event centers over the next seven years.

Recently, Sam asked me what he could do to support me in my job as the company’s CEO. I told Sam that I had only three expectations. I then said, “Expectation number one: Raving fans.” I explained, “Sam, I hope that our guests will rave about their experience at The Falls Event Center whether it’s family, business or community events.”

I then said, “Expectation number two: Cult Following.” I explained, “What make’s a company like Starbucks dominate in the coffee business over competitors such as Dunkin Donuts is simple. Starbucks has created a cult following. Customers are loyal to Starbucks because Starbucks is a cool place to be; Dunkin Donuts is not as cool as Starbucks.”

Finally, I said, “Expectation number three: Profitability.” then further explained, “When we are successful in building a database of raving fans and a cult following then 35% profit per event center becomes automatic.” Sam got it. I knew Sam got it when he said, “Steve, raving fans; cult following; and 35% to the bottom line per building—you can count on it.”

Whether you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, executive or employee these are the three things that will take you over the top! Now go out there and create wealth!

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