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This is Steve Down and today I’m in Irving, Texas. Today’s Wealth Wakeup Call is: Building dreams! This week I had the privilege of speaking to an audience at the ribbon cutting for The Falls Event Center of Fresno. In attendance were business and community and state leaders. The Fresno summer heat was already past the comfort level of our guests gathered outside of our event center so I wanted to make my speech short and simple.

After acknowledging dignitaries, executive team members and all those who made it happen I wanted to share something most profound. I asked our audience, “Does anyone know what we are striving to build by building our event centers?” I then answered the question with a question. On the front row sat my son, Zac. Zac worked 16 hour days as a team leader in the construction of our event center in order to meet the grand opening deadline.

I asked Zac, “What are we doing in building these event centers?” Unrehearsed and without hesitation, Zac responded, “We are not building event centers….we are building dreams!” And that was the essence of my short speech. I then explained what Zac meant. We are not building buildings. We are building dreams. It’s most obvious that we are building dreams for our private equity investment partners by building wealth.

We are building dreams for our employees by building job security and wealth through stock options. We are building dreams for our guests by providing elegant yet affordable venues for family, business and community events. We are building dreams for the community of Fresno by providing an event center that adds to the beauty of the community.

Finally, we are building dreams for America by providing jobs and creating a tax base. Are you building dreams? The more you build dreams for others the more your dreams will come true. The abundance of the universe awaits those building dreams! Now go out there and create wealth!

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