Steve Down’s 7 Steps to Achievable Wealth

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Wealth is achievable. However, along the journey to achieving personal wealth, there are plenty of problems that get in the way including debt, job loss, taxes, car repairs, bad money habits, and more. Our founder, Steve Down experienced many of these along his journey, but his drive and tenacity kept him going. It was these tough experiences throughout his life that birthed Financially Fit for Life and Steve’s 7 Steps to Achievable Wealth. It is Steve’s and our sincere desire to teach these principles of wealth creation to others so that they too can achieve wealth and benefit others.

7 Steps to Achievable Wealth
1) Establish Your Personal Wealth Vision
2) Understanding the Psychology of Wealth
3) Increase Your Cash Flow for Life
4) Become Comfortable with Cash
5) Develop a Plan to Get Out of Debt
6) Build Wealth for Life
7) How to Use Your Wealth

Learn the 7 Steps from Steve Down in the presentation below. For more resources and exercises built around Steve’s 7 Steps, get the book, Financially Fit For Life.

Unfortunately, wealth has taken on a negative meaning in our society. We believe that wealth in its proper context, is good and should be used for good. It is something to aspire to attain so that you can help others in need. Great men like Andrew Carnegie embodied the spirit of using his money to help others in June 1889 when he wrote his essay “The Gospel of Wealth” and inspired a wave of philanthropy to sweep across the nation.

“I believe wealth is having enough to meet all of my needs and wants while leaving enough left over to help others.” – Steve Down, Founder of Financially Fit

We hope to inspire you to strive for more in your life. To envision a place where you have enough to meet all of your needs and wants while leaving enough left over to help others. We know there is such a place, and we believe you can reach it.

Steve Down. Be a Force for Good. Be Wildly Successful. To learn more about Steve Down and his business ventures, visit

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