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This is Steve Down and today I’m in New York City in front of the Trump Tower on 5th Avenue. Today’s Wealth Wake-up Call is Think Big! Donald Trump’s most famous quote simply goes like this, “You have to think anyway, so you might as well think big!”

Donald Trump has become an iconic businessman for both his success and his controversy. But no one can argue his success of building a four billion dollar real estate empire. Nor can anyone accuse “The Donald” of thinking small. Just Google Donald Trump’s grand penthouse located in his fifty-eight floor Trump Tower.

The Trump’s occupy the top three floors of the skyscraper with breathtaking views of Central Park and Manhattan; perhaps the most impressive residence in New York City. Further evidence of Trump’s big thinking is his purchase of Paul Allen’s Boeing 747. Yes, Donald Trump even travels big! But for Donald Trump it has not always been smooth sailing. It wasn’t long ago that he was on the verge of bankruptcy. He climbed back from being 900 million dollars in the red!

How did a regular kid from Queens, New York make it big; lose it all and then make it big, all over again? The answer can be found in his greatest quote that will become a part of the Donald Trump legacy, “You have to think anyway, so you might as well think big!”

Now go out there and create wealth!

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