Financially Fit Personal

$97.00 / month

This robust financial education will help you develop a wealth vision and improve your behaviors and relationship with money. Creating real wealth is more than just having a financial plan. Transformation happens when you learn and understand the principles of wealth and become accountable.

$497 tuition and $97/monthly tuition.

Valued at over $10,000.


Financially Fit for Life is a financial education program created by Steve Down and other key thought leaders, that can revolutionize your financial life. Our world-class curriculum provides a wide variety of financial courses that address how to change the way you feel, think, and act about money, eliminate debt, pay off your mortgage, become compatible with money, and more.


The key to achieving financial success is accountability. Working with our qualified coaches will keep you accountable to your goals. Our coaches will encourage and inspire you, and ensure that you understand the concepts in the curriculum.

With the Personal Package, gain unlimited access to world-class curriculum and unlimited access to our coaches with a $497 enrollment fee and just $97/month – valued at over $3,000.


  • World-Class Financial Education. Experience a variety of courses designed to teach you the skills and knowledge to reach your financial goals.
    • Financially Fit For Life
    • Miracle of Wealth
    • Financial Basics
    • More Advanced Curriculum Programs
  • These Courses Will Address:
    • Strategies to increase your cash flow by 10%
    • Developing a plan to pay off all of your debts in 5 years, including your mortgage
    • Setting and reaching financial goals by working in tandem with our coaches
    • Creating your personal Wealth Vision
    • Determining your 100 dreams that expand your thinking of what you want to achieve in your life
    • Gain insights to successfully review your mortgage
    • Insurance review to ensure you are properly insured and have the best rates
    • The benefits and tips for setting up a home-based business
    • How to build your Emergency Fund
    • How to improve your relationship with money
  • Monthly Accountability Session with Our Coaches.  Once a month, you’ll have a designated 30-minute call with one of our coaches to ensure you are on track with your financial goals and answer any questions regarding the curriculum.
  • Unlimited Access to Our Coaches. Have questions about your finances or the curriculum concepts? Set up 15-minute calls with one of our coaches and they’ll answer any questions you may have, provide content, and give financial guidance.
  • 2 VIP tickets to any Financially Fit event.
  • 52 Hot Topics – Discussion topics designed for small groups to talk through 3-5 key financial questions to start thinking differently about money.
  • Plus, all benefits included in the Community.