Michael & Robbie Mathews, A Financially Fit Story

“Based on the Financially Fit workshop and workbook, it helped us to create a five-year goal. In terms of getting out of debt, such things as that nature. So, that particular part of it has really enhanced our finances tremendously.” – Michael Mathews

“Now we are able to move to the next level. Understand other things we can use, strategies we can use to further enhance our financial situation.” –Robbie Mathews

“From my own experience playing high school, college and professional ball over seas & Europe. Including myself, a lot of my friends or people I know actually made tons of money but have little to show for it. Cause of lack of financial literacy. And through this program that we are involved it. The financial literacy component is easy to understand, easy to articulate, and easy to implement.” – Michael Mathews

“In the next five years, by following the principles in the Financially Fit program we expect to be debt free. We expect to have wealth we can pass on to our children, to our grandchildren, to leave a legacy. As well as being able to help others through our social programs, to start a non-profit in order to give back to the community. All of that will be a result of our participation and involvement in Financially Fit. Which embodies all of those principles.” – Robbie Mathews

“Financially Fit is the Rolls Royce of financial literacy, and it should be taught in the public schools all across the United States. In the community college level, even in the four-year level. Its easy to understand, you will have a road map in terms of your financial journey. As to where you want to be, short term, intermediary and long term financial goals, without a doubt.” – Michael Mathews

“Financially Fit to me, is financial freedom for myself, for my family and for my community.” – Robbie Mathews

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