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This is Steve Down and today I’m in Long Beach, California. Today’s Wealth Wakeup Call is: KFC without the grease, please!

Of course, everyone knows that KFC stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken. But in this case, KFC stands for Kind, Firm and Clear as it relates to communication. Take one of the greatest leaders in history, Winston Churchill, for example. Though sometimes irreverent and hilarious, what made Winston Churchill a great world leader was his ability to communicate firmly and clearly.

Anyone who aspires to lead teams, create companies and wealth should learn to communicate like Winston Churchill. In my several business time is too scarce to be ineffective in our communication. Unfortunately, clear communication is not taught in school; though learning how to communicate effectively is as important or more important as any other subject in this information age and idea economy.

That’s why I came up with KFC—Kind, Firm and Clear- which is effective communication that can be remembered and taught. Always be kind, firm and clear in your words. A leader communicates effectively. A great leader creates a culture in which effective communication can thrive. Effective communication begins with kindness so that your team member does not see you as an enemy; but don’t forget that it’s most kind to be firm and clear in your communication so there is no room for misunderstanding.

Never forget and teach it to others: KFC—Kind, Firm and Clear in all your communication. Now go out there and create wealth!

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