Kent & Pam Nuttall: A Financially Fit Story

“One of the words we use in Financially Fit is, focus like a laser. Cause often in life we are getting pulled so many different directions. You want to pay a little bit off on your mortgage. A little off on your car loan. You look at all your debts, you don’t know which one to attack first, what exactly to do. And with this focus that we talk about in Financially Fit, you focus on one, until you take it off the page and its done with. At least you have conquered one thing. The peace in that area seeps into the rest of your life. Starts to give you some purpose and some feeling of organization.” – Kent Nuttall

“Life gets busy, we don’t want to take time to do these things but when we start doing it… we’re realizing where we are. It gives us an idea of where we can be. We can’t set goals of where we want to be if don’t really know where our starting point is.” – Pam Nuttall

“All the coaches in this program have their own life experiences. They’re not there just to sell you any one product. At first you don’t know how you’re going to get all your numbers to look any better. It looks like confusion and chaos; everything is just headed in different directions, it’s hard to get organized. With Financially Fit you put some laser focus on one thing, just worry about that and get it taken care.” – Kent Nuttall

“One of the things I have always wanted to do, is help other people. Sometimes you feel guilty for wanting to have more money. Or wanting to be rich… But how can we truly help other people if you don’t have anything to help them with?” – Pam Nuttall

“We want to be free to do what we want to do.” – Kent Nuttall

“Now there is hope.” – Pam Nuttall

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