Greg Luerding, A Financially Fit Story

“My name is Greg Luerding. I was riding in the car listening to the news station on the radio. They had a segment interviewing a financial consultant, a wealth management guy. He was giving some really good advice. Very very interesting advice. And so I wrote the number down, just on a napkin. When I got home, I thought, “ I am going to save this.”. So I entered it into my phone, into my contact list. I had no idea, I couldn’t remember what the guys name was. But I entered it into my contacts list under “debt reduction”. Six, Seven, Eight years went by before I made the phone call. My wife and I had gone through the program at that time. We had regular meetings, telephone conference meetings with a financial consultant through Financially Fit. As a business owner, as someone who has run a dental practice for thirty plus years, I know about running a business. Financially Fit showed me how to manage my finances. By that I don’t mean paying bills, I don’t mean paying invoices, or sending out statements. I mean managing the income. We eliminated, over half a million dollars in debt over the course of about.. not quite a year. Financially Fit has shown us will easily take us to retirement and beyond. As far as taking care of our families, we don’t have to worry about our financial future. Financially Fit is a program that for me, did everything I wanted it to do, and more.”

-Greg Luerding, D.D.S.

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