Gene Zdrazil, A Financially Fit Story

“Financially Fit put us through some changes. It allowed us to use our assets in different ways. Get read of a lot of interest debt that we were paying, that we didn’t need to. And cash out on things we had pretty much topped out on in terms of what we could expect. So we are paying thousands of dollars less in interest a year.”

“Well we have four children and nine grandchildren. And we would like the time to spend two weeks with each set or take two grandchildren at a time on trips and things like that. To help enrich their lives. We would like to relate closer that way. Financially Fit, I believe is truly going to help us achieve a level of wealth we wouldn’t have possible otherwise. It makes us feel very confident and very thankful that we are able to divert money to our responsibilities at a higher rate, so we can get out of debt. Take care of our progeny our four children and those grandchildren in ways that they wouldn’t have expected or thought possible. Life is very good, and I am very thankful.”

-Gene Zdrazil

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