Are you ready to head true East?

Why True East?

According to the Wealth Compass, your money can only go one of four directions.

Learn to focus on East expenditures that represents the direction of the rising sun and appreciating assets.

Start Your Journey with Steve Down

and Other Key Thought Leaders

Steve Down knows what it feels like to be overwhelmed with financial debt and the need to create financial stability for himself and his family. Through his successes and failures, Steve developed the Principle Centered Wealth™ curriculum to share principles that give hope for financial freedom and bring tangible results, including immediately improving cash flow and eliminating debt within 5 years.

Reach Your Financial Goals

Do you know where your money goes or how to reach your financial goals? It’s frustrating to have debts along with dreams, yet uncertainty as to how to accomplish both at the same time. Money can be fun, rather than a source of stress. You ought not to feel hostage to limited beliefs and financial fears.

Wealth Is Not Earned, It’s Created

Learn how to develop a mindset of abundance. Our behaviors and feelings about money affect our personal finances. These behaviors manifest as debt, lack of cash flow, and uncertainty as to the actual steps to create real wealth.

World Class Education, Technology, and Experience

Financially Fit offers programs that help you at the different stages of your financial journey.

Financially Fit Programs


FREE /month
  • Connect with a tight-knit community with people just like you who are on the path to changing the way they feel, think, and act about money.
  • Discover your financial score and take the 7-Point Cash Flow Check-Up.


$97/month /$497 Down
  • Learn how to create real wealth with unlimited access to a variety of Financially Fit for Life Principle Centered Wealth™ curriculum courses and unlimited access with our Coaches.
  • Includes all Community benefits.

We understand that your wealth journey will evolve and what you need now may change as you go down your path. Easily change between programs with no contracts. Experience non-bias support from a team who cares about your financial wellness.

No Contracts

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

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