My father signed up for cable/internet in my name and now it’s in collections.


Title says it all pretty much.

The total collections amount to just under $2000. I just checked credit karma and saw it on there.

He admits to doing it and says he is going to pay it off but I honestly doubt it. I’m unable to rent my next apartment now as my credit score is too low.

  • How do I take it off of my credit report?
  • What documents do I need?
  • He used my social.
  • How do I even prove it was him?

He’s my dad and he makes mistakes but I really want to get this taken care of without him getting into major trouble. Is this possible or is it wishful thinking?

I appreciate any and all help and advice.


Well that’s a tough spot to be in for certain!

You can either report it to the police as identity theft or pay the bill. If you pay the bill, you can sue your father in small claims court for the damages.

Either way, you want to freeze your credit at all three bureaus.

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