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The one reason you’ll always be the victim. This is Steve Down and today I’m in Seattle. Today’s Wealth Wakeup Call is: Create your circumstance!

Unlike the animal kingdom, you are born with the godlike ability to create your own wealth. Everyday, you think and act in ways that will make you rich or poor depending upon the thoughts and actions you choose. You can choose thoughts and actions that will make you extraordinarily rich.

Most, without giving it much thought, will follow the masses and become a part of the middle class. Some, by default, will follow the course of least resistance and find themselves frustrated living below the poverty line. Wealth, middle class or poverty, contrary to popular belief never has been a matter of luck, who you know, education or circumstance.

Those who create wealth go out there and create the circumstances that attract good fortune, contacts and knowledge that in turn attract wealth. The wealth they attract then attracts even greater knowledge, contacts and good fortune that attracts even greater wealth which gathers momentum like a snowball rolling down a hill. Never forget that to act or to be acted upon is your choice and always has been whether you were conscious of it or not.

As harsh as this may sound, this is a message of hope for anyone who’s ready to create wealth. If you’re discontent with where you are now, financially, you have the ability to recreate your circumstances. It’s just a matter of learning and following the principles that lead to wealth, what I call principle-centered wealth.

So wake up to the fact that the choice is yours and yours alone and that you can create wealth by creating your circumstances! Now go out there and create wealth!

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