Imagine being

Debt free in 5 years

including your mortgage!


Financially free in 5-10 years

Your money now works for you!

Our coaches work with you to create a customized debt payoff report. The report shows your current path to becoming debt free as well as the accelerated plan to get out of debt in 5 years or less including your mortgage.

Increase Cash Flow
Increase Your Cash Flow.

Identify financial opportunities and leaks

Have Your Own Accountability Partner.
Have your own accountability partner.

Regular check-ups to keep you on track.

Get Guidance from an Expert.
Get Guidance from an Expert.

Your coach will help you at each step along the way

Stop Procrastination—You’ll Start TODAY!
Stop Procrastination—You’ll Start Today!

Procrastination is the #1 Financial Fitness Killer


We’ll show you how different your future can be. We want you to experience for yourself how, with the right guidance, you really can achieve your financial dreams.

100% Risk Free

Hear what Dr. Leurding
says about Financially Fit.

Brad Gillies - 25 Years as a Personal Finance Coach
Brad Gillies - 25 Years as a Personal Finance Coach
A word from our lead coach

Our coaching is customized and tailor fit to meet the individual needs, goals and challenges of each client. You can count on our team of All Star coaches to do whatever is necessary to bring out your best and insure that you reach your full potential. Our coaches are not not just financial educators. They become emotionally attached to the progress and outcome of every one of their clients. Not only will your coach help to provide accountability for the steps you need to take to achieve success, they’ll also become your biggest cheerleader, cheering you on every time you move closer to your goals and dreams.

Start changing your financial future today!

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