Does Stress Get in the Way of Your Success?

About 40 percent of employees claim to be worn out due to work related stress, accounting for a loss of nearly $300 billion in the workplace in the U.S. alone (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health).

In this particular message, two tools will be provided that can alleviate stressful conditions in your life. These investments of time will help you create direction and a calming peace in the storm of daily life!

Do Weekly Planning to Find Direction and Peace before the Storm!

Weekly planning helps you think in terms of balance and will bring greater peace to your life. Use your planner or organizer and hold a planning session before the start of each week. Experiment until you find the best day that works and then be consistent in doing it each week at the same time to build some muscle around it.

Such planning consists of determining what matters most in the upcoming week in each of the main areas or responsibilities of your life (Financial, parental, as a spouse, a friend, employee, and so on) and specifying an actual time during the week when you’ll do what you’ve identified. This way nothing can pile up on you out of left field and add to your overall amount of stress.

Meditation: A Tool for You! 

Meditation is a proven tool to alleviate stress. There are a number of reasons we gather and carry stress through a myriad of events, thoughts and actions that could build up each day. Pay attention so you can address how you’re allowing stress in. Many times, it can be small things that can trigger bigger things that stay with us and distract us from being our best.  We find many of our clients that have shared that stress can begin each day with the commute to and from work.

You might agree, feeling like it’s out of your control. Yet you could turn a bad experience on the road into a University on wheels to learn, or turn your car into a concert hall in enjoying the best music or books during that time. It’s all about choosing to respond versus reacting to the storm. Much like financial success, stress management is a mindset as well.

Here is a simple process for meditating:

  1. Close your eyes and relax. (Not while driving, of course!) Preferably in a relatively quiet space with minimal distractions.
  2. Take deep breaths. Exhale completely. Feel the heaviness of your hands, arms, and legs leave as you let them totally relax.
  3. Imagine a serene, safe, and peaceful location.
  4. Allow your mind to be free. Enjoy the rare chance to let your mind simply be free.
  5. After two to ten minutes, return to your fully conscious state and slowly open your eyes.

As you repeat this process frequently and diligently, you will likely feel a much greater peace and experience better balance in your life.

Financially Fit Stress Workout:

  1. Hold a weekly planning session. Identify what matters most this week and specify when and how to accomplish your tasks. This will help you stay in control of your life and bring a greater sense of peace.
  1. Do a relaxation exercise. Take two to ten minutes to meditate using the steps in this email. Get in the habit of doing this frequently.

Wishing you the best as you find greater peace and balance in your life!

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-Financially Fit team