Meet Steve Down: Founder and genius behind Financially Fit.

Written by Steve Down. Perhaps you can relate to the symptoms conveyed to me by people over the years: “I’ve started my savings program – for the third time since January. But every time I do, [...]

Coaching Message: Changing any Negative Emotions that get in the way of Success

While working on your Financial Vision and goals, I’m sure that you realize that you are solely responsible for the successes that you gain in your life. Unfortunately, countless men and women go [...]


Good Rich or Bad Rich?

Do you want to be rich? Ask that question to a group of people. What kind of answers will you get? How do you answer the question? There are, of course, a lot of ways to define “rich.” Today, [...]


KFC Without the Grease!

Of course, everyone knows that KFC usually stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken. But in this case, KFC stands for Kind, Firm and Clear as it… Continue reading on Medium »



A central theme of my philosophy is: Wealth is not earned; rather, wealth is created. Once you learn the principles of wealth creation you… Continue reading on Medium »