Are you Wealth Bound?

Are you Wealth Bound?   Your money can only go 1 of 4 directions ( At Financially Fit, our Wealth Compass is a simple, yet effective tool that helps people change the [...]

Meet Steve Down: Founder and genius behind Financially Fit.

Written by Steve Down. Perhaps you can relate to the symptoms conveyed to me by people over the years: “I’ve started my savings program – for the third time since January. But every time I do, [...]


What are some good books on personal finance?

Question: I’m a 21-year-old female, still living with my parents but working full time. I’m asking because, I want a good book to read with information on how to budget, save, and [...]


Kent & Pam Nuttall, A Financially Fit Story

“One of the words we use in Financially Fit is, focus like a laser. Cause often in life we are getting pulled so many different directions. You want to pay a little bit off on your mortgage. A [...]