Are you Wealth Bound?

Are you Wealth Bound?   Your money can only go 1 of 4 directions ( At Financially Fit, our Wealth Compass is a simple, yet effective tool that helps people change the [...]


I Hate Taxes — So Why Do I Care About AGI? How to Make Thousands of Dollars by Managing Adjusted Gross Income

  Hate is a strong word. I didn’t let my children use the word as they grew up. But I hate taxes. OK, I don’t exactly hate taxes. I don’t like them much, but they have their place in [...]


How to know if a debt collector is legit?

I went to college and have been negotiating my debt for some time now with the school. They recently sent my tuition to a debt collector and we settled on a price a lot lower than what I [...]


Path to Poverty: Credit Cards and Debt

Is being in debt really a big deal?  I believe that debt contributes to poverty.  Am I right? Or, am I making a big deal out of nothing? Let’s say that I have a couple credit cards, a student [...]