Meet Steve Down: Founder and genius behind Financially Fit.

Written by Steve Down. Perhaps you can relate to the symptoms conveyed to me by people over the years: “I’ve started my savings program – for the third time since January. But every time I do, [...]


Gene Zdrazil, A Financially Fit Story

“Financially Fit put us through some changes. It allowed us to use our assets in different ways. Get read of a lot of interest debt that we were paying, that we didn’t need to. And cash out on [...]


Susie Mulholland, A Financially Fit Story

“You can make wealth happen, it’s not by chance that people who don’t have money, get money. You know you don’t have to be born with wealth. You can make yourself wealthy. In my [...]


Michael & Robbie Mathews, A Financially Fit Story

“Based on the Financially Fit workshop and workbook, it helped us to create a five-year goal. In terms of getting out of debt, such things as that nature. So, that particular part of it has [...]


Kent & Pam Nuttall, A Financially Fit Story

“One of the words we use in Financially Fit is, focus like a laser. Cause often in life we are getting pulled so many different directions. You want to pay a little bit off on your mortgage. A [...]


Greg Luerding, A Financially Fit Story

“My name is Greg Luerding. I was riding in the car listening to the news station on the radio. They had a segment interviewing a financial consultant, a wealth management guy. He was giving some [...]


Jason Pimentel, A Financially Fit Story

“I went through the coaching program, through Financially Fit. My wife and I, and our kids. The principle that I have learned through Financially Fit. Is that it is always better to pay off [...]