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Path to Poverty: Credit Cards and Debt

Is being in debt really a big deal?  I believe that debt contributes to poverty.  Am I right? Or,

Greg Luerding, A Financially Fit Story

“My name is Greg Luerding. I was riding in the car listening to the news station on the radio. The

What is the average cost of raising kids age 0 -5?

It’s interesting to really look at the cost of raising kids. A reddit user was messing around

My account was sent to collections, never received a bill, or sent validation letter, what should I do?

Question: On March 8th, I received a letter from collections on a bill I had no idea of. I had all o

Good Rich or Bad Rich?

Do you want to be rich? Ask that question to a group of people. What kind of answers will you get? H

I’m relatively rich but absolutely poor. What should I do?

Question: Let me first introduce myself. I’m a 24-year old grad student living in the expensiv

My father signed up for cable/internet in my name and now it’s in collections.

Question: Title says it all pretty much. The total collections amount to just under $2000. I just ch

How do people typically strike the right balance when it comes to saving for a house vs. saving for retirement?

Question: I am 24 and I would like to invest as much of my income as possible, but I would also like

What should I do with my $5k graduation gift?

Question: My parents gave me a late graduation present of $5k. I’m not sure how to best use th

How do I lower my monthly payments?

Question: I am currently in grad school. When I graduate, I expect to have about 45k of debt. I have

Susie Mulholland, A Financially Fit Story

“You can make wealth happen, it’s not by chance that people who don’t have money, get

I Hate Taxes — So Why Do I Care About AGI? How to Make Thousands of Dollars by Managing Adjusted Gross Income

Hate is a strong word. I didn’t let my children use the word as they grew up. But I hate taxes. OK

Lower Your Taxes While Increasing Your Income

Lower Your Taxes. Increase Your Income. Taxes are possibly one of the largest expenses you have. It&

Gene Zdrazil, A Financially Fit Story

“Financially Fit put us through some changes. It allowed us to use our assets in different ways. G

Wealth is a Choice. Are You Choosing Wealth?

Wealth is a Choice Having coached literally thousands of people, one of the most important things I&

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