Financially Fit is a global leader in world-class financial education and services. We share HOPE, VISION, and DIRECTION to individuals, families, and businesses through Principle-Centered Wealth™ curriculum. 

In 1999, Steve Down founded Financially Fit. After facing tremendous financial stress from a failed business venture, Steve set out to correct his financial mistakes and put his life back together. Steve has used the financial principles he learned during this time in his life to create Financially Fit with the goal of teaching others how to get out of debt and create wealth for themselves and their families.

At Financially Fit, we teach you to Re-Imagine Wealth. To Re-Imagine Wealth, you must learn to live without debt. Debt is a distraction that robs you of your wealth and true financial independence. Our goal is to help you learn to function without debt…forever. We will show you how you can become 100% debt free in 5 years or less. Then our goal is to teach you how to reach financial independence 5 years after that. Where you no longer have to work for money, because money works for you.

Wealth is not earned. Wealth is created and when you understand the principles of wealth creation, you can create it again and again.” – Steve Down
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