Susie Mulholland, A Financially Fit Story

“You can make wealth happen, it’s not by chance that people who don’t have money, get money. You know you don’t have to be born with wealth. You can make yourself wealthy. In my [...]


Michael & Robbie Mathews, A Financially Fit Story

“Based on the Financially Fit workshop and workbook, it helped us to create a five-year goal. In terms of getting out of debt, such things as that nature. So, that particular part of it has [...]


I haven’t filed my taxes in 8-10 years. I want to get this cleared up but I’m afraid I’ll be in deep sh#! with the IRS.

Question: I recently lost my job at a credit union. I haven’t filed in 8-10 year because as each year goes by I got more afraid to file thinking that the penalties wouldn’t be worth [...]


How do I lower my monthly payments?

Question: I am currently in grad school. When I graduate, I expect to have about 45k of debt. I have heard that if you hire a lawyer, then you can get your monthly payment lowered. Is this [...]


What should I do with my $5k graduation gift?

Question: My parents gave me a late graduation present of $5k. I’m not sure how to best use this money, so I was looking for some opinions. My salary is 105k/yr, and of that I bring home [...]


How do people typically strike the right balance when it comes to saving for a house vs. saving for retirement?

Question: I am 24 and I would like to invest as much of my income as possible, but I would also like to have funds available to invest in a house sometime in the next 5 years. Regardless of [...]


My father signed up for cable/internet in my name and now it’s in collections.

Question: Title says it all pretty much. The total collections amount to just under $2000. I just checked credit karma and saw it on there. He admits to doing it and says he is going to pay it [...]


Should I payoff my auto loan as fast as possible or stay with my monthly payments?

Question: My wife and I disagree on how to approach our new car loan. We’re planning on putting down $10K on a used car and finance the remaining $7-8K. We’ve been pre-approved for [...]


I’m relatively rich but absolutely poor. What should I do?

Question: Let me first introduce myself. I’m a 24-year old grad student living in the expensive heart of Los Angeles, California. Here’s my scenario: I earn $2,200 per month net. The [...]


What are some good books on personal finance?

Question: I’m a 21-year-old female, still living with my parents but working full time. I’m asking because, I want a good book to read with information on how to budget, save, and [...]