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We often find ourselves overwhelmed by finances. Getting them under control can be incredibly stressful. Where do you even start? How do you find reliable information and proper guidance? How do you go about planning for the future?

What things are most important to you?


This is where Financially Fit comes into play.


We help people become truly Financially Fit by providing the training and resources that they need to tackle their finances. It all begins by changing the way we feel, think, and act about money. We will show you how to increase cash flow, reduce and eliminate debt, and build toward financial independence.

Meet our team and the passion that we have for Financially Fit!


The Wealth Compass was designed to give you a visual representation of your spending. We don’t use it to judge your spending, but give you the ability to judge it for yourself. The compass is one of the primary tools that we use to help you spend your way to wealth.

Financial Leaks

Fast Food, Daily Coffee, Tobacco, etc.

Living Expenses

Mortgage, Utilities, Cell Phone, etc.

Appreciating Assets

Real Estate, Business, Investments, etc.

Depreciating Liabilities

Car, Boat, Motorhome, etc.

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See What Our Fans Say:

  • "Before we met Steve Down and the Financially Fit organization we had no clue about a spending compass. Our spending was all over the place. And so, we would spend because we wanted to spend based on our local priorities not on our long term focus. So, the spending compass put us really right on track. So everything now, we look for True North expenditures. And so we don’t spend unless we really have to unless it’s going to move our business forward. So we now see spending can be an investment, if it builds our future. It’s no longer…we’ve learned how to prioritize what we spend and how we spend it."

    Fred Stahlman
  • "It always felt like we were robbing Peter to pay Paul—maybe not using the money appropriately so it would grow for us appropriately. Come on! We work hard for our money. We want it to work hard for us as well. And, Financially Fit has taught us how to do that."

    Lisa Dailey
  • We kept making more money, but it seemed like we kept spending more. Do you know what I’m saying? So, this here is awesome because now we can see that, hey, we want to be rich. We want to make a lot of money. But you can’t make a lot of money if you’re always spending everything you’ve got. So we want to learn how to invest our money better. We want to learn how to put it where it needs to be.

    Manase & Lisa Fotu
  • I can’t put a price on it. I really can’t. But as far as physically, the money that I’ve saved already, it’s tens and tens of thousands of dollars. Yay!

    Sarah Bingham
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