Jason Pimentel, A Financially Fit Story

  “I went through the coaching program, through Financially Fit. My wife and I, and our kids. The principle that I have learned through Financially Continue Reading

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What’s the Difference?

When I first began as a financial planner, I met two clients who I will affectionately refer to as Clients A and B. Client A Continue Reading

The Kitchen Table

When I first discovered these principles and strategies, I sat down at the kitchen table with my wife. I had heard stories of people paying Continue Reading

Pay off debts first and invest second.

Your banker or financial planner will never tell you to pay off your debts first before you get started in an investment or retirement program. Continue Reading

Financial Bulimia

Because it is so easy to access installment credit, most Americans chronically suffer from a financial disease which is not unlike the common disease of Continue Reading

What Is Installment Debt?

Simply put, installment debt is nothing more than mortgaging your future income. Technically, it is any debt that you must pay back by a certain Continue Reading

Secrets Your Banker Will Never Tell You Part 04

It’s plain and simple. Politicians get their votes through financial support of corporations. One of the richest and most powerful political lobbies are financial institutions. Continue Reading

Secrets Your Banker Will Never Tell You Part 03

I have a brother-in-law who has a background in banking. He tells me that having a banking license is like having a license to steal Continue Reading

Secrets Your Banker Will Never Tell You Part 01

The following rule is very plain and simple: Wealth is controlled by those who receive interest. Compound interest is non-emotional, is no respecter of persons Continue Reading

Wake Up to the Debt Free Philosophy

Now is the time to “Wake up to the Debt Free For Life Philosophy” and achieve the security of having everything paid in full. This Continue Reading

Mortgage Secret Wrap-Up

Over the past several days, I have shared several secrets to getting a better mortgage. It really comes down to this… With a small amount Continue Reading