Jason Pimentel, A Financially Fit Story

  “I went through the coaching program, through Financially Fit. My wife and I, and our kids. The principle that I have learned through Financially Continue Reading

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The Einstein Principle

This is Steve Down and today I’m in San Antonio, Texas. Today’s Wealth Wake-up call is Discover The Einstein Principle! The Einstein Principle is most Continue Reading

A guarantee is a guaranteed loss!

This is Steve Down and today I’m at the tallest building in Salt Lake City, the Wells Fargo Building. Today’s Wealth Wakeup Call is: A Continue Reading

How You Feel About Your Financial Health

In over 20 years of working with people, I have come across thousands of individuals who seem to work hard and typically make a good Continue Reading

Two Factors of Creating Wealth…

1. Time Time is perhaps the most crucial factor. We are limited in life by the number of years between birth and death. That is Continue Reading

It’s Your Money… Not Mine.

I once got a call from my stockbroker. He said, “Steve, I’ve got some good news and some bad news for you.” I replied, “Give Continue Reading

Wake Up Call: Being Debt Free is YOUR Responsibility

Unless someone has made you borrow at gunpoint, then you must take responsibility and credit for using credit. To become Debt Free for Life, it’s Continue Reading

Your Financial Metabolism…

Upon finishing high school, at age 18, most of us are at our ideal weight and physical fitness level in life. With youthful optimism, we Continue Reading


When it comes to managing cash flow, most of us are out of control. Because we cannot control our cash flow, WE ARE CONTROLLED BY Continue Reading

Stop playing the blame game…

Most of us choose to blame others for our financial situation or failures. We assert that we are where we are because of the choices Continue Reading

Timeless & Never Changing

Financial Principles are timeless and never changing. They apply to everyone at all times. Financial Principles affect your core beliefs and thoughts. Most of us Continue Reading