Jason Pimentel, A Financially Fit Story

  “I went through the coaching program, through Financially Fit. My wife and I, and our kids. The principle that I have learned through Financially Continue Reading

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Act “as if”

After graduating from high school, I visited England for two years. While there, I worked under the supervision of a wise old sheep rancher from Continue Reading

A Simple Question… A Profound Impact…

Shakespeare wrote, “To be or not to be, that is the question.” Today we have the opportunity “to be” by acting “as if.”

Don’t Let the Weeds Strangle You!

If I could have my wish, I would transfer the desire and feeling in my heart, concerning wealth, into every person. To me, wealth means Continue Reading

The Reality of Desires

You must have the proper wealth desires in your heart to make wealth a reality. When it comes to the creation of wealth, the following Continue Reading

The origin of thought.

By identifying the origin of thought, we can then consciously sow thoughts that are congruent and consistent with our chosen vision and destiny. I believe Continue Reading


Can you imagine if there were no goals in sports? Imagine runners in the New York Marathon with no finish line, doing “high fives” as Continue Reading

Escape the Rat Race!

If you don’t have goals, you’ve chosen failure by default. This is a harsh reality. If you fail to plan, you’ve planned to fail. Knowing Continue Reading

Consider this…

My Wage I bargained with life for a penny, And life would pay no more; However, I begged at evening When I counted my scanty Continue Reading

Where is Your Thermostat Set?

We set our financial thermostat, our comfort zone, by where we choose to live, where we choose to work, with whom we choose to associate, Continue Reading

Stop playing the blame game…

Most of us choose to blame others for our financial situation or failures. We assert that we are where we are because of the choices Continue Reading