Jason Pimentel, A Financially Fit Story

  “I went through the coaching program, through Financially Fit. My wife and I, and our kids. The principle that I have learned through Financially Continue Reading

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Social inSecurity…

Over the years the American public has been sold a bill of goods thinking that all of their hard earned money taken out for Social Continue Reading

Are You Awake?

Most of us are in a deep sleep when it comes to our financial lives. We get up, work most of the day, come home, Continue Reading

Wealth is a Matter of Choice

One of the most important things I’ve learned from experience is that we are in life exactly where we’ve chosen to be. We are precisely Continue Reading

Timeless & Never Changing

Financial Principles are timeless and never changing. They apply to everyone at all times. Financial Principles affect your core beliefs and thoughts. Most of us Continue Reading


At this very moment, dozens of retirees are being fitted for their new Ronald McDonald’s work caps. None of these retirees aspired to spend their Continue Reading

Hope + Action

Without question or doubt, whenever you combine a vision of hope with an action plan of faith and then add the element of time, miracles Continue Reading

Abundance is Your Birthright

Today’s Wealth Wake-up Call is: “Abundance is Your Birthright.” Abundance is a state of consciousness, an awareness that there is enough and to spare. The Continue Reading

The World Needs You to Become a Compassionate Capitalist

Today’s Wealth Wake-up Call is: “The World Needs You to Become a Compassionate Capitalist.” Compassionate Capitalism is when we take responsibility for our own financial Continue Reading

You Can Reduce Your Taxes Legally, Ethically & Morally

Today’s Wealth Wake-up Call is: “You can reduce your taxes legally, ethically and morally.” I often ask audiences, “What’s the difference between tax avoidance and Continue Reading

Don’t be budget bound… Be Wealth Bound

Today’s Wealth Wake-up call is: Don’t be budget bound… Be Wealth Bound. I’m here to wake you up to the fact that budgets, like diets, Continue Reading