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Our education is designed to wake you up financially by shining a light on things that you don’t know you don’t know!

Change the way you

feel, think & act

about money

Become a Master of Money and be in charge of your life and actions regarding it.

Improve your


We’ll show you simple ways to improve your cash flow so that there is more money for the important things.

Get out of debt

in 5 years or less

(including the mortgage)

We’ll teach you the formula for getting out of debt and staying out of debt.

Become Financially

Free in 5-10 Years

Imagine how great it will feel when money is no longer the primary reason that you do or don’t do something

Become part of

the community

Financially Fit is a community of like-minded individuals working toward financial health and wellness. We’re excited to have you part of it.

Steve Down

Founder of Financially Fit

Steve Down, an Innovative Entrepreneur, Successful Business Owner, and American Wealth Coach, is passionate about building jobs and companies that benefit American families.

Steve is the Founder and President of Financially Fit, an organization committed to helping families and individuals create wealth from any starting point. He is the author of Financially Fit for Life, which is the financial education program of choice for thousands across North America.

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Review Quotes
Our spending was all over the place. And so, we would spend because we wanted to spend based on our local priorities not on our long term focus. So, the spending compass put us really right on track.

-Fred Stahlman

Review Quotes
It always felt like we were robbing Peter to pay Paul – maybe not using the money appropriately so it would grow for us appropriately. Come on! We work hard for our money. We want it to work hard for us as well. And, Financially Fit has taught us how to do that.

-Lisa Dailey

Review Quotes
As a couple, I think it’s really brought us together and more focused with our finances. And that makes all the difference in the world—when you both know exactly where you are financially.

-Manase & Lisa Fotu

Review Quotes
Everyone is dealing with chronic financial crises. And I don’t care how educated and how bright you are. Most of us, as Robert Kiyosaki says, most of us are financially illiterate. And I was definitely in that category. No one had taught me how to think about money.

-Sarah Bingham

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Asset 2

Wealth Bound

Asset 1

The Wealth Compass

The Wealth Compass was designed to give you a visual representation of good and bad spending. The compass is a great tool to help you spend your way to wealth.


Financial Leaks

Fast Food, Daily Coffee, Tobacco, etc.


Appreciating Assets

Real Estate, Business, Investments, etc.


Living Expenses

Mortgage, Utilities, Cell Phone, etc.


Depreciating Liabilities

Car, Boat, Motorhome, etc.

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